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The Best Medicine Q&A

Hitchin, Hertfordshire band The Best Medicine have recently released their debut EP 'Miracle Cure', a powerful shot of groove metal that will appeal to fans of bands such as Down and Clutch. With a slot on the 'New Blood Stage' at Bloodstock in August, it's an exciting time for the band and vocalist James answered a few questions for BBMATB below on the EP, shows lined up and the rock scene in their part of the world.

The Best Medicine are James Anson (Vocals), Will Horsman (Guitar), Ryan Moore (Guitar), Craig Anderson (Bass) and Nick Plews (Drums).

'Miracle Cure' is out now on all major digital streaming sites and from the band's Bandcamp page - You can also still pick up the band's debut single from 2019 'Lightweight' on all those sites.

First off, for those readers who might not be familiar with The Best Medicine, could

you give a short history of the band?

It all began at Bloodstock 2018. We were all camped together, having known each other for a number of years, playing in different bands around our local area. By the end of a great weekend, we had plans to put a new project together, which would eventually become The Best Medicine.

And who would you say were the main influences on The Best Medicine?

We are obviously indebted to a lot of New Orleans bands such as Down, Corrosion of

Conformity and Crowbar. But we also love the brooding melodies of Alice in Chains, the

pure rock fury of Clutch and the sheer swagger of ZZ Top. It’s all about the blues!

You've recently released your debut EP 'Miracle Cure' - how was it recording and

putting the EP together during these 'straightened times' due to COVID?

Needless to say, it was a challenge and we had a lot of false starts and unavoidable delays. But in many ways it was a blessing. It allowed us time and space to reflect on what we were doing and to push ourselves to make it the best it could be. We’re immensely proud of it.

Where did you record the EP? Somewhere you've recorded before?

We recorded the whole thing at Damage Recordings in Hitchin with Andy J. Davies. Andy

worked with us on our first single ‘Lightweight’ back in 2019. This time we really pushed the boat out and asked him to use all of his expertise. He is a consummate professional who really enabled us to take what we do to new heights. We will definitely be collaborating again in future.

Do you have a favourite track(s) on the EP and if so why? And any tunes that didn't

make the cut that we might hear later on?

My personal favourite is probably the first single ‘Leap of Faith’. It really gets the ball rolling in a big way and it’s such a lot of fun to play. I reworked the lyrics in the studio and it gave the whole song a completely different feel. It’s all about that groove! We knew exactly which songs were going on ‘Miracle Cure’ but we have already started writing towards our next release.

What's the writing process in The Best Medicine? Does somebody come along with

a set idea on how a song should go or is there a more of a 'jamming' exercise to how

the songs are put together?

We are definitely the type of band who prefers to jam our ideas. Luckily, we are all

musicians and we all write riffs. Throughout lockdown everyone was demoing ideas and we now have a huge archive. It will be great to delve into this as we continue writing.

You're playing on the 'New Blood Stage' at Bloodstock Festival on Thursday 12th

August - How did you get a slot at the festival?

Bloodstock were looking for acts for this year’s extended bill on the Thursday. Simon Hall heard some of the pre-production demos that we completed for the EP and was suitably impressed. We are immensely grateful to be invited to the party of the year. It’s going to be awesome!

And do you have any other shows lined up in the near future?

We are playing a couple of local shows in the run up to Bloodstock. This will be a nice way to ease ourselves back in to playing live again. Hopefully, we will have a slot at Balstock Festival in Baldock in September. We have about one gig a month for the rest of the year so far. But we are definitely looking to put in some more dates and travel further afield. Watch this space.

Do you think there is a good rock scene in the Cambridgeshire / Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire area at the moment? Any bands from round those parts that you'd particularly recommend to readers?

There definitely is and always has been a strong music scene in and around Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. We would particularly recommend our friends Countless Skies who are a phenomenal melodic death metal band. But also Akkadian, Alter the Sky, Planet Fatale, Fearbound, Ritual, Black Atlas, Gevaudan and Must Kill. You really can’t go wrong!

And finally, what plans for The Best Medicine for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

Getting out on the road and touring the hell out of ‘Miracle Cure’. We are so proud of what

we have achieved with this record and we want to take it out to as wide an audience as

possible. It is such a privilege to have the chance to play live shows

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