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REVIEW - Umbrella Assassins - 'King Of Fruit Volume 3' (EP - German Shepherd Records)

The final part in the 'King Of Fruit' trilogy, 'Volume 3' has plenty to please from everybody's favourite shed-punkers, Haverhill's Umbrella Assassins, on this recently released EP. Five more tracks encompassing everything that's good about the trio - clattering drums from Garry McKervill, deep thrumming bass work from Andrew 'Bunge' Plumb, distorted, scuzzy guitar from Steve Church, loads of dual guitar / bass unison riffing from Steve and Andrew and dual vocals chanting out repetitive, 'earworm' choruses - and easily providing your 'five-a-day' with each track guaranteed to put a grin on your face.

'Prove Me Wrong' kicks open the door on the EP with insistent guitar riffing leading into a rollicking tune with a slight change in gear towards the end with its rising riff. 'I Saw The Devil' has a bluesy chugging feel reminiscent a little of 70s 'hairies' such as the Edgar Broughton Band and Groundhogs with trademark dual vocals and 'subtle' keyboards in a' catchy as hell' number. Keyboards also sneak into the next number, 'Eat A Bullet', in the shape of a nifty little slide figure in between verses which also contain bass breaks and surf guitar touches backed by an almost 'latin-type' rhythm. 'She Comes And Goes' shows the band's pop influences with its sing-along choruses and indie lead lines and the EP races to the end with 'Stay High' with a distinctive descending riff and an irresistibly paced ambience.

Over the course of the three 'King Of Fruit' EPs, Umbrella Assassins have proved what an inventive, subtly varied and fun outfit they are with plenty to enjoy in their 'gloriously ramshackle' but uplifting sound. 'King Of Fruit Vol.3' rounds off the eleven tracks of the trilogy with five numbers that are all 'peaches of a tune' (sorry!) and which should all fit in with their raucous live shows. Take another bite from the 'King Of Fruit', catch up with the other two 'Kings' if you haven't done so already and wait for the 'vegetable' trilogy from this most lovable of bands!

'King Of Fruit Vol.3' is available on all the major digital sites and from the band's Bandcamp page -


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