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REVIEW - Tremendous - 'Relentless' (Album)

Hailing from Birmingham, TREMENDOUS' debut album 'Relentless' has been picking up rave reviews in magazines such as 'Classic Rock' and 'Shindig' and some high profile radio plays - and quite rightly too. Being classed as glam rock - and there's certainly touches of 'Ziggy' era Bowie, Bolan, some Ronson-like guitarwork and choruses straight from a 'Top Of The Pops' episode from 1972 - there's a whole lot more going on with Tremendous than just a bit of glitter and leopard-skin trews. Fantastic power-pop of the Cheap Trick / Raspberries variety (see 'Daniela') which would conquer the American Mid-West, and harder-edged driving rockers with a modern sheen (see 'Heart Sinker') are all in a mix that is perfectly fine-tuned to sound superb on the radio and your car stereo (preferably with the car hood down).

Every track is a winner from the stealthy opener 'Don't Leave Our Love (Open For Closing)' with its lush backing vocals and the first in a long line of great choruses through to the closing 'Copycat Killer' with it's 'punk 'n' roll' feel and glam touches. Personal favourites are 'Rock 'N' Roll Satellite' with its perfect chant-along chorus, chiming guitars and easy-going languid feel and the following 'Bag Of Nails', a powerful 'world done me wrong' late night drinking anthem with impassioned vocals, descending bass lines and powerful guitar work, but take a listen to the whole album and don't just take my word for it - any one of the ten tracks could be your personal fave.

'Relentless' is a top-notch, enjoyable album that anybody who's keen on glam, power-pop or melodic rock would do well to check out. It's a big call to name your band Tremendous but the guys - Mark Dudzinski (Guitar / Vocals), Ryan Jee (Bass) and Dave Lee (Drums) justify the name tag easily with this superb album. Tremendous - I should say so!

'Relentless' is available on all the major digital sites.

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