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REVIEW - The Petal Falls - 'All These Years' (Album)

Formed in the mid to late 90s, Kent's The Petal Falls fell apart following a spell on a record label who did little to encourage and promote the band. It's a sad (and not uncommon tale) which fortunately has a happy ending as a few years ago, The Petal Falls leader, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Keith Leahy was able to reclaim the band's masters working with drummer and producer / engineer John King in remastering the material and releasing them on two albums - last year's 'Workin' All Night', Workin' All Day' and this new album, released last month, 'All These Years'.

This is music that relishes high production values and stunning musicianship in its mixture of hard rock, pop and AOR. Touches of artists such as the 2000s version of Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and AOR giants such as Journey and REO Speedwagon are visible throughout as the ten tracks roll by in a soundscape of glistening guitars, lush keyboards, imploring and impassioned vocals and melodies aplenty. Singles 'I Won't Be There' and 'Liberated' have tremendously catchy choruses, opener 'Between My Brother And Me' is a brooding tune which builds to a crescendo at the end in fine style, and 'Take Me Home' is a pop-rocker par excellence with call and response vocals, fluid guitarwork and a pleasing, 'bouncy' vibe. Album centrepiece - title track 'All These Years' - is the album's strongest track and encapsulates all the good aspects of this album in its 5:48 duration from its gentle opening to its rousing finish and would have stadiums in raptures around the world.

'All These Years' has a mature, accomplished sound that fans of AOR and melodic rock will find much to enjoy in. Great playing, affecting lyrics and a top-notch production job all adds up to a fine album that should garner much radio play and music press attention for The Petal Falls. Keith and John are already working on new music for album three, which we await with interest - until then 'All These Years' (and 'Workin' All Night, Workin' All Day') are well worth your attention.

'All These Years' is available now digitally on all the major digital sites or as a CD or USB from - link in the band's website at

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