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REVIEW - The Lost Search Party - 'An Invitation To' (EP)

Like a number of bands over the last year or so, Medway, Kent's The Lost Search Party have had a tricky time recording and preparing their debut EP ready for release. As one of their social media posts says it's been a case of '5 songs, 4 recording studios, 3 national lockdowns, 2 bass players to produce 1 EP'! Now it's here, 'An Invitation To...' is an assured, hugely enjoyable set of five songs that those of you who hanker after the traditional rock and metal of the 80s will love. Firmly aiming for the stadium, the EP is a rousing, head shaking, stomping release with choruses that demand to be sung back to the band by a mighty throng of fans.

The band have all the requisite talents to make a stir on the rock scene when things finally opens up - the rock solid rhythms of bass player Joe Kent and drummer Shane Brown ably support the fiery guitarwork of Luke Austin and the melodic, throaty vocals of Nick Kent. Fans of guitar playing will find much to be impressed with in the playing of Austin, whether it's in the twisting riffs of opener 'Backstreet Lover', the double-tracked guitars of 'Getaway' or gentle acoustic playing at the start of eight minute 'epic' 'River Runs Dry' while Nick Kent's vocals have a range and dexterity that powers the song onwards - check out the slightly funky 'Oh My Lord'.

Single 'Getaway' is a sure-fire radio winner with its commercial vibe, tremendously catchy chorus, studiously applied mid-song breakdown building back-up into the chorus and fine guitar-work while the eight minute EP closer 'River Runs Dry' builds from a pastoral acoustic opening into a charging bull of a tune before playing out the EP with plaintive piano chords - the band's 'November Rain' perhaps? The other three tunes - 'Backseat Lover', 'Evil Girl' and 'Oh My Lord' - are also well written and put together and upholds the high standard that this EP has.

Firmly rooted with an 80s sensibility, 'An Invitation To...' takes the best of that era's rock characteristics and wraps them into an EP of fine. melodic, attention grabbing songs destined to please live audiences and record listeners alike. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then load up the St Bernard with the brandy (actually dog optional, brandy less so!) and go out hunting for The Lost Search Party. When you find them, you won't be disappointed!

'An Invitation To...' is out on the 28th May and is available on all the major digital streaming sites.

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