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REVIEW - The Hot One Two - 'Unrestrained' (EP)

'Unrestrained' is the title of Cambridgeshire's The Hot One Two's new EP and the release easily lives up to its title. A fabulous example of the group of bands currently going under the 'New Wave Of Classic Rock' banner, 'Unrestrained' shows the quintet firing on all cylinders on four tracks that will rock 'n' roll you, have your head nodding appreciatively and moving and grooving in one fell swoop. Drums pummel and slam, the bass grinds and grooves, guitars blast out one hot riff after another and Simon West's vocals caress and roar over the musical hurricane. It is not an EP to be missed.

Kicking in with the classy opening track, 'Bleed Like Me' with it's snappy choruses and dynamic, energetic tune, 'Unrestrained' continues with the funky 'Move And Shake' which does exactly what it says on the tin and aims for the hips as well as the head (and heart). The mighty 'Chains' moves on from its heavy opening chord in relentless fashion on a heavier number that pins you to the wall with its quick-fire lyrics and dive-bombing guitars while final track 'Shot Down' has a little bit Judas Priest and a little bit Guns 'n' Roses in its DNA to go with the fab chord changes and guitar solos.

'Unrestrained' is a class act; four tracks of punchy, exciting rock with influences ranging from the classic rock of the 70s and 80s right up to modern heroes such as Clutch and Foo Fighters. West's powerful, distinctive vocals are more than ably backed up by the rest of The Hot One Two - Nick Manners (lead guitar), Kev Baker (rhythm guitar), Nick Blackburn (bass) and Joe Chivers (drums) - and the band deserve to be rising fast up the echelons of the healthy UK rock scene that exists at the moment. With a full album due later this year and live shows planned, 'Unrestrained' is the first great moment of 2022 for The Hot One Two to make their mark - watch this space!

'Unrestrained' is available now on all the major digital streaming sites. CD versions of the EP can be bought from The Hot One Two website -

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