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REVIEW - Starcrazy - 'Another Day, Another Squalor' (EP)

Mixing the glam sensibilities of Bolan and Bowie, the power-pop smarts of Cheap Trick and Hanoi Rocks and the rockin' tropes of Van Halen, Sydney's Starcrazy return with their second EP, 'Another Day, Another Squalor' following on from 2021's 'Played For Suckers' EP. 'Another Day, Another Squalor' is a significant step-on from its forerunner in terms of sound (excellently produced by Mo Mayhem, engineered by Andrew Beck and mixed by Russ T Rokk) and the band's songwriting, with six punchy, catchy tunes boasting vocals with attitude (Marcus Fraser), fabulous sleight-of-hand guitar playing and soloing (Odin Wolf) and supple yet steadfast rhythm playing (Jack Barratt - Bass and Jack Farmer - Drums) on a fine release fans of glam-pop and pop-metal will lap up. It's an EP that confirms the band's potential and plaudits already gained from Alice Cooper (on his radio show) and various magazine publications around the world.

Roaring in with the twisting riffage, stabbing guitar chords and soaring chorus of 'Galaxy O' Luv', the EP is off to a fabulous start setting out Starcrazy's intent to win you over with their tough underlying sound layered with sweet vocal harmonies and pop nous on top. The 'Two Jacks' rhythm section are to the fore with the following 'The Big Time' with its funky groove and nod to the Stones with the backing vocals, while 'The Open Sea' twists and turns through a number of changes and features some stellar playing from Odin, and keeps up the quotient of melodies and vocals from Marcus. No such twisting and turning on the blunt, straight-ahead, punky 'Egging Me On', a charging tune that does what it needs to in its 1 minute 42 seconds duration while 'Hysterical' is another tune high on hooks, a strutting groove and killer choruses with added pizzazz. Closer 'Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)' brings heavier guitars and a more menacing feel which fits with the lyrical content of death threats and drugs.

A fine sophomore effort from a talented, vibrant and fun band, 'Another Day, Another Squalor' should propel Starcrazy to the next level and gain them more attention from outside their native Australia. The twenty or so minutes of the EP fly by and you find yourself putting it on back on to catch more of the devilish tuneage the guys excel at and there will hopefully be more from them soon. In the meantime grab 'Another Day, Another Squalor' and luxuriate in some great glam and pop-metal - recommended.

'Another Day, Another Squalor' is available on all the major digital sites with limited 12'' vinyl available from the Starcrazy bandcamp page -

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