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REVIEW - Rituals - 'Show Me The Signs' (EP)

There's currently a bit of a buzz building in metal scenes about Newcastle metalcore quartet Rituals, who follow their 'Awake' EP from last year with another three dominant tracks on their sophomore 'Show Me The Signs' EP, released earlier this month. With live shows supporting Skindred and Osiah under their belt, magazines such as Metal Hammer and Powerplay giving coverage, and metal radio shows giving their powerful tunes a spin, 'Show Me The Signs' presents a band growing ever more confident in their shoes and the tunes on this majestic EP reflect this new musical maturity.

The title track opens the EP with an arpeggiated guitar and some emotive vocals that give way to storming riffs, some gentle interludes, a chorus that's extremely hooky and is just all round classy with both melody and power in its DNA. Bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine have been mentioned in the same breath as the Rituals guys in reviews and this tune is as good as anything those bands have put out. 'Show Me The Signs' drifts into the crushing guitar work and pounding drums of 'Oceans Subside' which brings a little more metalcore into the proceedings with its head-banging grooves and growl vocals but still does not forget to have an eminently sing-along chorus. EP closer 'In Devastation' is even more brutal with its double bass drum work, pulverizing bass, pacy, driving guitars and 'take no prisoners' vocal work in its relentless march of 3:38 metal fury.

'Show Me The Signs' is a powerhouse of a metalcore record which ticks all the boxes in terms of crunching guitars, grinding bass and drums and strident vocals that all fans of the genre will enjoy. It's a fine EP that should push Rituals rising star even higher and help them gain a further foothold in the packed Metalcore scene. 'Show Me The Signs' is well worth your time and attention!

'Show Me The Signs' is available on all the major digital sites while CD versions can be picked up from the band's on-line merch shop -

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