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REVIEW - Perceived - Perceived (EP)

Released in October last year, I got to play a couple of tracks from Dallas, Texas band Perceived's debut EP on the show before it finished, and even now the EP still has the powerful impact it had back then. Four tracks of fantastic metal music comprise the EP - 'Darkening', 'Living Hell', 'Not To Be' and 'Portrayed Belief' - and any fan of the genre would do well to check it out.

There are no driving rockers on the EP; all four tracks have a stately, sombre tone, with an air of menace that permeates the lyrics, but there are a number of influences at work here - everything from melodic, almost southern rock flavoured touches (such as the strummed verses of 'Living Hell') to crunching metal riffs with a hint of a groove reminiscent of bands such as Down, Corrosion Of Conformity and that other powerhouse metal band from Texas, Pantera. Each song has a number of twists and turns within them, brooding quieter passages and tight riffing with all three members - Charlie McBride (Guitar), Kevin Crawley (Bass) and Chris Bell (Drums) - contributing to the excellent instrumental interplay, while Bell's intense, rich vocals tops the tracks off superbly.

The EP repays repeated listens and its seventeen minutes never fails to engage and surprise. As a debut release it is a perfect introduction to this talented band and hopefully there will be more to come from Perceived over the coming months and years.

'Perceived' is available as a physical CD from the band's website - or as individual tracks on the usual digital sites.

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