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REVIEW - One Last Day - 'Chapter 1 - The End Is The Beginning' (EP)

A relatively new band, Bracknell, Berkshire band One Last Day have introduced themselves onto the UK rock and metal scene with three singles released since the beginning of 2021 - 'Not Ready To Die', 'This Bottle Got Me' and 'Holding Onto Nothing'. All three singles appear on this new EP 'Chapter 1 - The End Is The Beginning' which shows a band with plenty of promise, an ability to write well-crafted songs, and musicians who know how to play their instruments with a singer who's capable of soaring, emotive vocals when the song requires it. The EP's seven songs are couched in a pleasing amalgam of early 21st Century nu-metal and the modern metal and rock of bands such as Shinedown and Alter Bridge and is well worth exploring by fans of contemporary rock.

Kicking off with the pacy 'Burning Inside' with its insistent riff and great quieter interlude in the middle, the song immediately shows off the strengths of the band - the excellent meshing guitar parts (John Harmsworth's exuberant lead lines ably backed up by Gareth Stapleton's strong rhythm guitars), the fluid playing of Bob Brockwell's bass and Adrian Osman's distinctive drumming, all topped off with the deep, versatile vocals of Alex Willox. Tempo changes and drops in intensity are a recurring musical motif throughout the EP - 'Holding Onto Nothing' has another fine breakdown in the middle, while the almost ballad-like 'If You Could See Me Now' has a gorgeous guitar / voice intro. When the band does ratchet up the power, they do so with real 'fire and brimstone' playing such as the barn-storming 'Not Ready To Die' and the aforementioned 'Burning Inside'. Yet it's the slower-paced tracks where the band really shine - 'If You Could See Me Now', the striking 'With You Again' and the expansive final track 'I'm Here To Stay' with it's great closing moments featuring repeated vocal lines and a freewheeling guitar solo. That just leaves 'This Bottle Got Me' with its distinctive descending guitar chord sequence and hooky chorus - another excellent track.

There's hundreds of bands purveying this kind of melancholic, emotive rock at the moment, but One Last Day certainly has the potential to put themselves at the head of the pack. 'Chapter 1 - The End Is The Beginning' is a fine opening statement and will be of interest to those of you with an interest in the currently healthy, emerging UK rock scene. We look forward to 'Chapter 2' from One Last Day.

'Chapter 1 - The End Is The Beginning' is released on the 3rd December and will be available digitally from all the usual digital retailers.

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