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REVIEW - Occult Fracture - 'Bones & Bonfires' (EP)

Formed in 2020, Charlotte, North Carolina's Occult Fracture return with their second EP - 'Bones And Bonfires' - coming hard on the heels of their debut, 'Fatal Unkind', released in October 2021. If the band's name at first suggests a death metal / metalcore outfit, the reality is somewhat different - Occult Fracture bring forth a dynamic mix of old-school metal a la Motorhead, gothic punk in the form of Misfits (and at times Killing Joke at their heaviest) and grunge. The guitar riffs (provided by Mike Rot) are unshowy but razor sharp, the drums (Steve Sadler) as pounding as 'Filthy' Phil Taylor's best work, the bass (Angel Rot) driving and forceful and this fearsome music is topped off by the rangy vocals of Crystal Crosby which can veer from breathy murmurs right up to an outright snarl.

'Bones And Bonfires' is of a kind with 'Fatal Unkind' - another ten minute energetic blast of punky, metallic thrash that will leave you breathless and energised. 'Ravenous Phantoms' ushers in the EP with a stuttering riff and long-held piercing vocal note before setting off on its two and a half minute rampage. It's then straight into 'The Shroud', with its non-stop barrage of stomping riffage and rhythm with its ascending guitar tones backing up another surging vocal. 'Militant', with it's stop / start licks and menacing hook is perhaps the standout track on the EP, while the 'demented' boogie of 'Telluride Trigger' finishes the release in fine fashion and wants you to go back to the start and have another blast.

If Occult Fracture are looking to put together a longer release, they may need to vary the pace a little but in the form of a 4-track EP, the band's pulverising sound and driving tuneage is perfectly executed. Labelling themselves as a 'hard rock band with a dark edge', there are indeed plenty of dark edges, but also plenty of powerful energized music that lovers of both metal and punk will find much to enjoy in. Check out both this new EP and 'Fatal Unkind' and add Occult Fracture to your list of new metal bands to watch out for!

'Bones And Bonfires' is available on all the major digital sites and from the Occult Fracture bandcamp page -

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