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REVIEW - Nophobia - 'Vertigo' (EP)

Hailing from Gloucestershire, four piece Nophobia have recently released their debut EP, 'Vertigo', an accomplished record of rock and metal that takes its cues from the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Bullet For My Valentine across its six tracks. There's hardly any let-up in the furious riffing, pile-driving rhythms and full-throated vocals that will get many a head banging during its twenty-five minutes or so of urgent, bounding music.

The EP rolls in on the rapid-fire riffing of 'Kings That Bleed' with the riff running through the verses that lead into the hooky choruses replete with double bass drum work. It's a fantastic opener to the EP and sets the high benchmark for the rest of the record. The pace is kept up with the driving, 'Maidenesque', 'Something New' which races through its catchy verses and choruses at a breathtaking speed, but does find time for a 'gentle' 30 second outro to bring the track to a close. Debut single (and theme song of EVM Wrestling) 'Desensitise' is next, a stomping metal banger perfectly suited to soundtrack the moves of the guys and girls between the ropes and 'Say What You Will' follows its almost tribal drum intro with a full-on thrash track interspersed with slower, heavier choruses and a shorter, quieter breakdown showing the versatility the band can employ. The 'just as heavy' 'Tomorrow's Not Today' with its impressive guitar solo, and 'epic closer' 'State Of Mind' finishes the release and shows all of the band on top-form - as indeed they are throughout the EP.

'Vertigo' is a great debut EP, full of powerful, exciting heavy tracks that can leave you breathless at times in its intensity and might. The band - Dean Taylor (Vocals / Guitar), Nathan Hooper (Lead Guitar), Matt Sterry (Bass) and Paul McIntosh (Drums) - certainly know how to put together a rockin' track and execute it to maximum effect, and 'Vertigo' should hopefully be the first of many offerings from this skilled quartet. A fine, modern rock and metal release to enjoy!

'Vertigo' is available now from all the major digital streaming sites.

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