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REVIEW - Madhouse - 'Secret Antithesis' (Album - Nadir Records)

Following on from 2019's impressive 'Madhouse Hotel' album, Milan, Italy's Madhouse return with 'Secret Antithesis' - another fine ten track offering of modern metal and alternative rock tuneage. With a tight, powerful production from Eddy Cavazza (who has worked with members of Fear Factory and Machine Head), the album highlights the talents of the three main members of Madhouse - Federica Tringali's unique, strong vocals, Filippo Anfossi's slicing guitar work and Carlos Cantatore's pounding drums - to fine effect as they power their way through the album's storming tunes. It's an album that will rock you hard but doesn't forget the choruses or songcraft either.

Kicking off with the mid-paced, rousing 'Thunder Of Fire', the album's next two tracks - 'I've Had It Up To Here' and 'Nicotine' - are highlights, both pacy, strident numbers with great fiery guitarwork and driving rhythms which shows Madhouse at their best and on fine form. There's some impressive production touches in the moody, more measured 'Infected World', and some brilliant dual guitars in 'When The Black Sun Dies', before the album hits another high spot with the single 'Voodoo Doll'. A powerful, dynamic song with churning guitars, soaring choruses, powerhouse drums and some nicely judged synth touches, it's a fantastic track and the perfect introduction to Madhouse's brand of engaging modern rock and metal. Up to now, the album has shown the influences of the likes of Alter Bridge, Halestorm and Velvet Revolver on Madhouse, but the album then takes a turn towards classic pop-punk with 'The Place Where I Belong' and 'Like A Thunderbolt' channelling Paramore, New Found Glory and Good Charlotte in more 'poppier fashion'. The rockier stuff is back with the final two great tracks; the slower, considered 'On The Fence' and the closer 'Playing Rough Again', another powerful track which closes the album in fine style.

Another winner of an album, 'Secret Antithesis' will hopefully see Madhouse build on their Italian following and pick up some more international exposure. Fans of modern rock and metal would do well to check out both 'Secret Antithesis' and the previous 'Madhouse Hotel' and to add this fine Italian band to their list of favourites. A group with much potential, and 'Secret Antithesis' can only add to Madhouse's onward journey of making fine rock music.

'Secret Antithesis' is available now on all the major digital sites. CD copies can be picked up from

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