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REVIEW - Kathryn & The Overbytes - 'Hindsight Is 2020' (EP)

Hailing from Darwin in the Northern Territories in Australia, Kathryn Ezzy and her bandmates in The Overbytes launch themselves with this first confident and engaging EP. With five tracks boasting a varied, modern rock sound, great tunes and tight musicianship, 'Hindsight Is 2020' will appeal to fans of alternative rock, pop-punk and classic rock alike and belies the fact that it was largely recorded in Kathryn's and Tyson's bedrooms and spare rooms. Expertly mixed by Yarn from Mixartist, it is a fine sounding release in addition to the great ensemble playing on the record.

Kicking off with 'Friend Like Me', the track introduces the band's strengths; Kathryn's affecting vocals (a mix of Amy Lee , Alannah Morrisette and Meredith Brooks), Tyson Lowe and Corey Rusu's assured guitar playing, Josh Spurr's precision drumming, the hooky chorus and Kathryn's literate lyrics all couched in a radio friendly sound. It's an excellent opener that draws you into the EP and is followed by 'Toilet Paper Riot' - a fast paced, perfect pop-punk song musing on the behaviour of people during the pandemic and the influence of consumer culture; it is both thought-provoking and fun (musically) and would encourage much jumping up and down at K&TO shows. 'Coming For You' is a moodier, slower piece with an almost martial rhythm and foreboding lyrics about fear-mongering authorities and pliant society giving up their freedom for safety's sake - it's another highly relevant song whatever your opinions given the current situation. The single 'Please Tell Me' centres on personal relationships and again features fine guitar work and an urgent vocal delivery couching a catchy chorus and would sound great on the radio. The EP closes with 'Perfect Nightmare' an intense, emotional track about abusive relationships played solo by Kathryn on piano and vocals. It's an affecting and slightly uncomfortable end to this fine EP and shows another facet to Kathryn's songwriting skills.

'Hindsight Is 2020' is a great first release from a fine young band. Great playing, fine vocals, hooky tunes with literate lyrics all make up this EP and despite experiencing a recent line-up change, hopefully this EP will give Kathryn & The Overbytes the momentum to give us some more of their accomplished music in future.

'Hindsight Is 2020' is available on all the major digital streaming sites.

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