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REVIEW - Jamie Porter Band - 'MMXXI - The Story So Far' (Album)

'A collection of recent singles and revisited songs', 'MMXXI - The Story So Far' from North Wales' Jamie Porter Band has ten tracks of good ol' fashioned classic rock and AOR that, if you don't care much for the way rock has developed since the 90s, you will take to your heart. Chunky guitar riffs, liquid solos (pleasingly, it has to be said, of a brevity of length that fits perfectly with the songs), hooky, sing-a-long choruses and a vibe and sound aimed squarely at reaching the back row of a stadium are the order of the day in this hugely enjoyable release.

If the rock of the late 70s and 80s are your thing but you remain unconvinced after reading the paragraph above, then could I point you in the direction of album opener 'Ready For Action'? From its chanted vocal opening through to its catchy-as-hell choruses, Skynyrd influenced lope and barnstorming playing, it's the perfect opener for the album and should draw you in for the remainder of the release. The 'good rockin' continues with the harder-edged insistent riffing of 'I Can't Stop Loving You' and vaguely AC/DCish 'Lay It On Me' before a couple of slower tracks show that Jamie and his band can handle a change of pace effectively. 'Where We Belong' is a reflective track with some great guitar work while 'Save Me' with its piano intro and slower balladic qualities make a pleasing change of pace in the mid-section of the album and lead into my three favourite tracks on the record. 'You Can't Bring Me Down' is a propulsive, driving rocker perfect for the 'open road', 'Everything You Do' is more poppy with its melodic chord changes and ringing guitars and is another track with a tremendous chorus, while 'Sound Of The Summer' does EXACTLY what it says on the tin! All three tracks would sound great on mainstream radio stations and are a perfect encapsulation of the Jamie Porter Band's sound. 'The Last Train' is another fine track that moves as its title suggests and the album closes with 'Touch The Sky' that 'heads for the arena' with its choruses of 'woahs' and a guitar solo that 'reaches for the stars'.

Ably backed by son Danny on bass, keyboards and backing vocals, Jamie Porter is a talented guitarist who knows how to pen engaging classic rock tunes and 'MMXXI - The Story So Far' shows this to fine effect. Another great 'old school' rocker in a similar vein (in attitude, if not quite musically) to other fab bands such as Sons Of Liberty and The Outlaw Orchestra, 'MMXXI' is worthy of investigation and interest for all fans of classic blues-influenced rock; 'The Story So Far' is one story well-worth telling.

'MMXXI - The Story So Far' is available on all the major digital streaming sites. CD versions may also be available from Jamie's website -

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