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REVIEW - Hot Laundry - 'Shake, Slide, Twist' (EP)

As good as a lot of rock is these days, it has somehow lost a fair bit of it's 'dancing mojo' since those late 60s/early 70s groove infused monsters such as 'Brown Sugar', 'All Right Now' and 'Walk This Way'; those records that made you want to strut as well as shake your head. Somehow since punk took the 'sex' out of rock 'n' roll in the late 70s, guitars don't seem to equate to 'getting out on the floor' as much these days. San Francisco's Hot Laundry are very much one of the exceptional exceptions to the rule!

'Shake, Slide, Twist' is an EP containing four tracks that dares you not to move, groove and twist. The opening tune 'Shake' pretty much lays it on the line and says so, with it's lapel grabbing guitar riff leading into a high-octane boogie that is satisfyingly loud and raucous, and comes with lyrical desires to 'dance all night', 'catch my breath', 'rock 'n' roll' and 'scratch my itch'. It's three minutes ten seconds of pure unadulterated rock 'n' roll unafraid to be sexy, sassy and fun. 'What Would I Do' doesn't let up the pace; another fabulous driving track with a guitar riff and groove that Jack White and Dan Auerbach would kill for, and another tremendous short, sharp guitar solo from Grady Hord - one of many that pepper the EP. To these ears, 'Satisfied' is reminiscent of the Stones' 'Heartbreaker' and has excellent backing vocals from Ileath Bridges and Gena Serey to compliment Janette Lopez's gutsy, soulful lead vocals (another highlight of the EP). The band will tell you they have hints of Motown in their sound, but with Janette's powerhouse vocals and alternately cooing and belting BV's from Ileath and Gena, Diana Ross and The Supremes this ain't! Final track 'Glitter And Gold' leads you from it's clapping and vocal intro into a funky lope of a track that once again moves and grooves and struts all over the place whilst giving you the option of 'going to heaven' or 'dancing with the devil' - your choice! It's another highly danceable track that also knows how to rock the house.

'Shake, Slide, Twist' does exactly what it says on the tin and rocks, rolls, puts a smile on your face, urges you out onto the dancefloor, fall in love and have fun, fun, fun, until long after Daddy's taken the T-Bird away. Go on, forget yourself, draw the curtains (if you must) and 'get down' to this highly enjoyable EP.

'Shake, Slide, Twist' is available on the major digital site of your choice.

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27. Apr. 2021

Just had a second listen to this glorious slice of old school rock n’ roll goodness - very much enjoying the fine tuneage!

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