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REVIEW - Hot Laundry - 'Everyday' (EP)

Hot on the heels of last spring's 'Shake, Slide, Twist' EP, San Francisco's Hot Laundry are back with their 'Everyday' EP and their blend of girl group vocals, garage band moves and eminently danceable tunes. 'Everyday' has four top tunes that once more show the strengths of the band - Janette Lopez's distinctive, chiming vocals, the fun and perfectly pitched backing vocals of Gena Serey and Ileath Bridges, the fuzzed-up energetic guitar playing of Grady Hord and firm four-on-the-floor beats from rhythm section Endy Young (bass) and Paul Monterio (drums) - and should have you 'movin' and groovin' whilst thinking about the loves of your life - both past and present!

EP opener and title track 'Everyday' is slightly different from the rest of the record in that Grady's hooky, spiralling guitar riff leads into a pop-tastic tune with classic 60s girl group call and response vocals and is a sure-fire radio friendly song with a bit of a sheen to it all. The next two songs 'The Dance' and 'Over You' are firmly rooted in the band's garage band influences with head-shaking rhythms, raw guitar tones (with some ferocious soloing) and the vocals 'ratched-up' a notch getting you to do the 'Hot Laundry' in 'The Dance' and telling an ex-lover that they are well and truly dumped in 'Over You' with its slightly menacing overtones. The band's garage rock and pop smarts are blended perfectly in the final track, 'Fool For Your Love', with its 'Leader Of The Pack' intro, full-throttle verses and choruses and a nicely melodic breakdown in the tune's middle section across its 4:30 duration.

'Everyday' is another stonking EP from Hot Laundry - fun, effervescent, finely crafted with great songs, playing and vocals all in evidence. They bring their 'full-tilt boogie' retro sound up-to-date and fans of everything from 50s / 60s Motown through to the rough-hewn sounds of the likes of The Sonics and Ramones will find much to enjoy in their full-on sound. If you have a drop of red blood coursing through your veins, then 'Everyday' should have you hooked from the start and won't let you go until the final notes of this fine EP has faded away.

'Everyday' is out now and available on all the major digital platforms and from the Hot Laundry Bandcamp page -

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