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Review - Fonzy & Company - 'Touche' (EP)

Bristol band Fonzy & Company return with their third EP, 'Touche', (apologies, can't get the accent over the e!) following 2019's 'Last Birth' and 2021's 'Is It Me', and it's a belter! Catchy as hell tunes, superlative vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars and surging bass and drums add up to make this one classy EP which deserves to reach an audience far and wide. The band's mix of indie, pop-punk, alt-rock moves and (a touch of) Americana coalesce into a commercial sounding record that would sound great on the radio.

Kicking off with clean, hooky, guitar riffing, 'The Kids Stay Home' sets the band's stall out from the off with its indie and pop-punk flavoured verses broadening out into a classic chorus with those marvellous vocal harmonies to the fore. 'Precious Malicious' dials things down a little at the beginning with its minor key tuneage, but by the end of the song, has crescendoed to a powerhouse tune full of energy and vim. 'No Way (Man You're Old)' roars in on a pounding drum beat and scattershot guitar riff before its call and response vocals in the verse and glorious chorus hooks you in with one of the catchiest two minutes and thirty two seconds you'll hear all year. 'The Serenade' rounds off the EP at a slower pace, showcasing Olivia Jury's soulful vocals and a soaring guitar solo from Lauren Hannah on another fine tune.

With an energetic live show and the recordings to back it up, Fonzy & Company (Fonzy Armour - Guitar / Vocals, Olivia Jury - Vocals, Lauren Hannah - Lead Guitar / Vocals, Sam Lane - Bass and Sam Bennett - Drums / Percussion) deserve to go a long way and the top tuneage of 'Touche' will hopefully take the band to the next level. 'Touche' is a fine EP and showcases the talents of the band to their fullest. Hopefully, there's more to come from a band with the smarts to go a long way indeed!

'Touche' is available now on all the major digital sites and platforms.

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