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REVIEW - Fisti Kuffs - Nowhere Fast (EP)

Ipswich hasn't been short of punky bands over the years and one of the currently longest serving outfits - Fisti Kuffs - return this week with a brand new six track EP 'Nowhere Fast', all self-written, produced and recorded. With us now for around a decade, Fisti Kuffs specialise in skater punk a la Bowling For Soup and New Found Glory and all the attributes of the genre are all present and correct here - Graham Mann's surging buzz-saw guitar, James Cooper's pulsing, driving bass and new addition. ex Strike The Sun drummer Craig Shimmon's energetic non-stop drumming, words and tuneage coming at you full-pelt, highly melodic sing-along- choruses and songs that NEVER outstay their welcome (nothing over 2 minutes 34 seconds thank you very much!). Also one of the most fun bands to see live in the region, 'Nowhere Fast' does exactly what it says on the tin and is fast, furious and hugely enjoyable, never once stopping for breath and daring you to jump around your living room or the concert venue for all of its thirteen minutes or so's duration.

Opener 'Go Go Go' is over before it's started (and with a title like that, perhaps that's the point), brash and tuneful with it all going on in its 1 minute 26 seconds shelf life; the perfect opener for the EP. Although playing under the banner 'pop-punk with a grin', the next two tracks (while living up to the tag musically) shows a reflective side to the band in the lyrics - 'Life Experience' wistfully looking back at being much younger and 'Dad's Song' expressing the emotions involved in family life. 'My TV' is an observation on modern technology's effect on life today couched in a stomping tune, while the title track up next - 'Nowhere Fast' - again ponders life's travails in its breakneck way. 'Psychos' slows the tempo (just a little bit!) for a little bit of social observation ('Psychos everywhere' indeed!) and that's the EP done, ready for another spin immediately.

'Nowhere Fast' is a great EP and should appeal to the faithful and newcomers alike looking for some enjoyable pop-punk. Its tuneful songs, catchy choruses, and (at times) reflective lyrics show a band with a great deal of experience and putting that experience to good use in producing a lively and entertaining EP. If you're in the area, make sure to catch Fisti Kuffs live and in the meantime enjoy this fine offering from this most enjoyable of bands.

'Nowhere Fast' is out now and available on all the major streaming sites.

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