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REVIEW - Current Affairs - 'Love And Other Drugs' (EP)

A 'newish' band from Hertfordshire, Current Affairs (Peter Abrams, Dave Abrams and Josh Watts) debuted three singles last year and have stepped things up recently with this new EP entitled 'Love And Other Drugs'. Forming the group to 'build a community around songs that stand for something', Peter has a band that traverse the intersection between emo and alternative, and 'Love And Other Drugs' is a thoroughly modern sounding rock record with subtle production touches, great playing, anthemic choruses and (the highlight of the EP), Abrams' own raspy, emotive vocals. Fans of the current rock scene should add this EP to their Spotify playlists double-quick.

The EP announces its intentions within its first thirty seconds of its opening track - 'West Side Lovers' - as a short acoustic intro and breathy vocals leads into a glorious aural soundscape before settling into a pacy verse and the first of many hooky choruses. 'West Side Lovers' is followed by the title track, an emotive ballad-like tune with nicely arpeggiated guitar figures and lyrics exploring why people try to fix their internal unhappiness with external remedies - a recurring theme throughout the EP. 'Hollywood Hills' follows next, its intro of bass and drums leading into a mid-tempo song about the travails of fame, whilst the next track, 'Melodramatic', boasts poignant lyrics about a 'love worth saving' amidst its polished rock sound. The EPs most commercial track, 'Save Me' (at least musically, lyrically there's one or two words preventing radio play!) follows next with its fantastic crowd pulling chant-along choruses, stomping verses and acoustic interludes before ending with 'Livin' Out Loud', another great song aimed at the arena / festival venues.

'Love And Other Drugs' is a confident, assured debut EP from a band that obviously know how to put together intriguing sounding tracks with big choruses. Live gigs are currently being booked and if Current Affairs can translate these fine sounding songs to a live setting, then its only a matter of time before larger shows and festival crowds await. With yearning, questing lyrics, a polished modern rock sound and production and a 'strength in unity' strapline, Current Affairs should attract a burgeoning audience and go far; this EP is the first step.

'Love And Other Drugs' is available now on all the major digital streaming sites.

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