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REVIEW - Crossfire Eagles - 'Major Arcana' (EP)

Adeptly bridging the gap between indie rock anthems of the likes of fellow Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys and the classic rock of Foo Fighters, Crossfire Eagles stated intention with their new EP 'Major Arcana' was to create an 'EP you can listen to from start to finish without having to skip a song'. With 'Major Arcana', they have accomplished this with ease with six tracks (a seventh 'Intertalker' is a moody thirty second guitar interlude) that have infectious choruses, deft guitarwork and a rhythm section that keeps the songs moving in brisk fashion. Both indie kids and rock aficionados will find much to enjoy amongst the EPs grooves and tunes.

Lead-off track 'Episode' is a confident opener with a chiming guitar intro and has the first of numerous hooky choruses the EP possesses along with emotive lyrics about the plight of the homeless in their hometown, before second track 'Step Out' pulls you in with its chugging intro and stabbing rhythm guitars; it's a track that owes a little to Alex Turner and his mob - something that, perhaps understandably given Crossfire Eagles' origin, pops up now and again but which only adds to the EPs strengths. 'Intertalker' leads into 'Sweet Talker' which with its punchy, driving rock sound and lustful lyrics reflect the band's rockier side, as does the next track 'Moonstruck' - which crosses the Pennines for its attitude and reminds you a little of the punkier Oasis tracks on 'Definitely Maybe'. 'All You Know' is a remastered version of a 2019 single and is a fine jangly indie rocker and leads into the EPs closing track - the quasi-epic 'Strawberry Fields' which has echoing, pounding drums and vocal harmonies not unlike that other band who used 'Strawberry Fields' in the title of a track. The track and EP ends with a soaring crescendo that is a fitting end to the release.

'Major Arcana' is a superb EP, mightily enjoyable, well played and produced and should 'rocket' Crossfire Eagles onto the next level. Dig in and enjoy!!!

'Major Arcana' is available on all the major digital sites from next Friday (12th March).

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