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REVIEW - Boogie Beasts - 'Love Me Some' (Album - Naked Records)

Thanks to the likes of The Black Keys and the continuing plethora of artists from the Tennessee / Mississippi region playing hill country blues (check out Cedric Burnside's 'I Be Trying' for a prime example), Joe Bonamassa's 'suited and booted style' of blues hasn't had it all its own way in the blues world these past few years. For those of you who like your blues down 'n' dirty and raw and gritty, then 'Love Me Some', the new album from Belgium's Boogie Beasts should be on your (early) Christmas list. Twelve tracks of tough, harmonica led, eminently danceable tuneage that traverses the link between the raw, delta blues of yore and more up-to-date influences - for me think Fabulous Thunderbirds and 90s band Red Devils - this third album from the band is a belter.

Kicking off with the powerful one-two punch of 'Bring It On' and 'I Don't Care', which sets the stall out for the rest of the album with insistent, fluid guitar riffing (courtesy of Jan Jaspers and Patrick Louis), dynamic harmonica playing from Fabian Bennardo and tight, shuffling grooves from drummer Gert Servaes, the album slips into 'something a little more comfortable' with the fantastic 'Favorite Scene' which with its lithe rhythm, funky guitar and harmonica and 'come to bed' lyrics is the sexiest thing you'll hear all year. A shift in gear is next with the driving, sunshine boogie of 'Get Away' while 'The One' and 'Run You Down' is full of delta grooves that the Burnsides and Junior Kimbrough would be proud of. 'Get Me Out Of Here' has some tasty slide guitar playing while single 'Like A Snake' is replete with a rhythm that you would find hard not to dance to along with an infectiously catchy chorus. 'In Your Hands' has more of a rock feel - they can do that as well! - and then it's back to the bluesy feel of dual guitar and harmonica riff of 'A Girl Like You'. The album finishes with two tracks released as singles last year - 'Howl', a laid-back, swampy, spare blues and 'Mine All Mine' a stomping, driving blues rocker to finish this deeply satisfying release off.

'Love Me Some' has lashings of the attributes that make Boogie Beasts such an engaging band. Raw, tough, down 'n' dirty grooves, infectious choruses and beats that make you want to get up and dance filters through the album making this a release that all fans of gutsy blues-rock will enjoy. Not always subtle but never less than addictive, 'Love Me Some' is an album to throw off your inhibitions and if you're Joe Bonamassa perhaps even lose the suit!

'Love Me Some' is available on all the major digital sites and there are also CD and vinyl versions available from Naked Records.

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