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REVIEW - 3 Foot High - 'Blood, Sweat And Fears' (Album)

Chelmsford trio 3 Foot High return with a new album 'Blood, Sweat And Fears', following on from their debut 'Waves' released back in 2018 and EP 'A Long Way From Anywhere' from 2019. Like many recently released albums, it's been a while coming to fruition due to Covid, but like those earlier releases, 'Blood, Sweat And Fears' is another enjoyable collection of tunes positioned firmly at the intersection where 90s alt-rock, grunge and pop-punk sit. Excellently recorded and produced by Talon Payne at Chelmsford's Gallow Wood studios, the album finds the three piece in fine form.

In many ways, it's an album of two halves with the band's sprightlier tunes contained in the first half of the record (with the exception of 'Sorry', an affecting ballad with a soaring chorus and great guitarwork towards the song's end) kicking off with opener and lead-off single 'We've Come So Far', which with its 'woah' choruses, pop-punk attitude and tightly constructed tune would get any room jumping. 'You're The Only One' is of a similar stamp, another thoroughly enjoyable romp of a tune that shows the band's ability to write catchy, instantly engaging material. With the aforementioned 'Sorry' and the harder-edged 'Hit You', the first four tracks on 'Blood, Sweat And Fears' are the perfect encapsulation of 3 Foot High's sound, showcasing Tim Clark's precise, guitar playing and emotive vocals ably backed by the adept playing of rhythm section James Gosling on bass and Paul Davidson on drums.

Track 5 'Alive' ushers in the second half of the album, which has a moodier, slower edge to proceedings with pensive material such as 'Forget You' and the acoustic closer 'Keep Your Head Up' alongside the 'Britpoppy' ballad 'Chasing Ghosts' and the first half of 'Restarter', which then proceeds to break out into a 'bit of a thrash' halfway through. They're five tracks that show that 3 Foot High can mix-up the tempos and feel of their material and make a pleasing counterpoint to the 'breezier' first half of the record.

Tuneful, with tight memorable choruses and excellently played material, 'Blood, Sweat And Fears' is another fine record from 3 Foot High who have a burgeoning songbook of marvellous tunes to choose from. A trio who deserves more exposure, this album should appeal to all fans of 90s influenced rock and will hopefully spread the word about the Chelmsford outfit. Buy with confidence!

'Blood, Sweat And Fears' is out on the 29th January and will be available from all the major digital sites. Current singles 'We've Come So Far' and 'Keep Your Head Up' are out now with Youtube videos.

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