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Nervous Twitch Q&A

Leeds band Nervous Twitch have recently released their fourth album - simply titled 'Nervous Twitch' - that once again impresses with it's mix of pop, punk, garage rock and 60s girl group influenced vocals. Guitarist Jay kindly took some time out to answer a few questions below.

Nervous Twitch are Erin Rumble (Bass, Vocals), Jay Churchley (Guitar) and Ashley Goodall (Drums)

'Nervous Twitch' is out on all major digital sites and from Reckless Yes Records. You can also still pick up previous albums 'Get Back In Line' (2015), 'Don't Take My TV' (2016) and 'I Won't Hide' (2017) and a host of singles from the band's Bandcamp page or other digital sites.

1) Hi Guys, thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions. First off, for those readers who might not be familiar with Nervous Twitch, could you give a short history of the band?

Having spent a few years working on our sound, we released our debut album 'Get Back In Line' in 2015, 'Don't Take My TV' in 2016 and 'I Won't Hide' in 2017 . Prior to the pandemic we gigged extensively round the UK and we've also done a few short tours of Europe. We released our 4th self-titled album on Friday (29th January) with Reckless Yes.

2) And who would you say were the main influences on Nervous Twitch?

I wouldn't say we have a main influence as such, I think we just aim to write good pop songs. Some of the bands that inspire us include The Ramones, The Runaways, Wreckless Eric, Television Personalities, The Vaselines and The Modern Lovers.

3) The new 'Nervous Twitch' album I assume was recorded over the last year or so. How did you find recording in these strange times? Did Covid present any particular challenges to putting it together?

We actually recorded the album in 2019 so there were no challenges in that respect, in normal times however we would be looking forward to a string of gigs to promote the album which isn't possible. We do try and share lots of stuff on social media, reaching out to fans in whatever way we can.

4) This new album is your fourth album - how do you feel it differs from previous albums 'Get Back In Line', 'Don't Take My TV' and 'I Won't Hide'?

This album incorporates more effects than previous records and is 'fuzzier' as a result. We're always keen to try different approaches with songs and I think we've become more confident with the writing and recording process as time has gone on.

5) And did it feel the 'right time' to have a 'self-titled' album?

It wasn't really such a conscious decision.. oh this one should be 'self titled'. Other titles we considered didn't really seem to hit us like on previous records and a 'self titled' album just felt right.

6) Am I right in thinking it's the first album you've released on CD? Other releases have been available on different shades of vinyl and even cassettes. Is CD a format that up to now you haven't been enamoured with? Or has it been an expense thing not to have CDs before?

Reckless Yes release their albums on cd as well as vinyl which is good as we have received a lot of requests for them in the past.

7) Where did you record the album? Is it somewhere where you've recorded frequently before?

We recorded the album at Hebden Bridge Underground in Hebden Bridge. We recorded 'I Won't Hide' there with Alex Greenwood who recorded that album and we decided to go back. He gets a great sound for us and really understands where we are coming from. We hope to make a start on our initial sessions for album number 5 there a soon as it is possible.

8) Which tracks on the new album are your favourites?

I'm sure this would change all the time. At the moment I'd say 'Oh So Keen' and 'Fickle You' I also really enjoyed working on 'Count Your Blessings' and I think that turned out great. I know Ash really likes 'A Bag for Life' and I'm sure Erin has her favourites too.

9) The new album has been released by the Reckless Yes label; how did you come to be involved with them?

We have played quite a few gigs organised by them in the past and we are fans of quite a few of the bands on their label. We approached them with the album and took it from there. They are really supportive and we've really enjoyed working with them.

10) The general pandemic situation has prompted bands to try alternative ways of reaching their audience - livestreams etc. Do you think bands will continue to carry on with these methods if we return to some sort of semblance of normality? Do you think the way bands reach out to their audience has changed forever now?

I'm pretty sure both bands and audience members will more than likely be flocking into venues when they can and may not have much patience for home streaming initially. That being said I'm sure the streaming element will remain in some shape or form in the future.

11) Obviously the live scene has taken a battering recently but do you feel there is still a strong underground / indie scene at present? Any particular bands you'd recommend both locally to you in Leeds and Yorkshire, and from further afield?

I think there is still a strong underground scene. We are really big fans of label mates Duck from Sheffield, All Ashore who are also from Sheffield and probably one of our favourite local bands at the moment are the VAT Egg Imposition.

12) And finally, what plans for Nervous Twitch in 2021?

Well we were planning a world tour lol...when we can we hope to continue rehearsing and writing new material which we already have written and hopefully make a start on recording another album. If and when it is possible, we hope to be playing loads of gig so keep your eyes peeled.

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