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Jane N' The Jungle - Q&A

Phoenix, Arizona's Jane 'N The Jungle have recently released the latest in a long line of fine singles, 'Trouble' - out on all the major digital streaming sites - a blend of classic and 90s alternative rock with gutsy vocals, strident guitar and rock-solid rhythms. Singer Jordan answered a few questions for BBMATB about the single, the band and keeping things ticking over during COVID.

Jane N' The Jungle are :- Jordan White (vocals), Brian Dellis (guitar) and Bryan Dague (bass).

'Trouble' is available on all the major digital sites along with a Youtube video. You can also pick up the band's album 'Concrete Jungle', the Jane N' The Jungle EP and a host of singles from those self-same sites.

Hi Guys, thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions. First off, for those readers who might not be familiar with Jane N' The Jungle, could you give a short history of the band?

Hi!!! I'm Jordan White, the lead singer of Jane N' The Jungle. We are a rock band from Phoenix, AZ. Brian Dellis and I started the project in 2013 as a garage band which years later formed into Jane N' The Jungle! Before the pandemic we would gig regularly in venues off the Sunset strip in West Hollywood. Who would you say were the main influences on Jane 'N' The Jungle?

We don't have a band or artist that influences our band.... however we grew up listening to 90's alternative and early 2000's rock which has probably had an influence on our music.

You've recently released a new single 'Trouble' on all the digital platforms. Do you have a sense of how it is doing so far in terms of feedback, radio play, streams etc? It's still too early to say exactly how well it's going. So far the song has gotten great feedback and made it on 2 Spotify editorial playlists; All New Rock and Fierce Femmes, "Trouble" has even been getting radio play! We hope the excitement can continue to grow!! Is there a particular 'theme'/ narrative to 'Trouble'?

The main theme is "Trouble." Trouble finding you, and having trouble finding yourself.

And where did you record the single; somewhere you'd recorded before?

We recorded "Trouble" in Canton, MI at Pearl Sound Studios with Chuck Alkazian in January of this year. This is our second time recording with Chuck and we were really excited to be able to work with him again. You've released an album - 'Concrete Jungle', an EP - 'Jane N' The Jungle', and a number of singles over the last five years. Which tracks are your favourites and why?0o0o0o00oo0o0, that is a tough question.... "Tonight" and "Concrete Jungle" are both some of my favorites. They are both slow burn songs that carry a lot of emotion and power behind them.

And are there any unreleased songs that you're particularly looking forward to getting out there?

For sure! We have a rock ballad I am excited to release. It's very different from our last few rock songs we have put out. It's a total grunge rock song and I can't wait for you guys to hear it. Very 90's alt.

Apart from obviously not being able to play live, has COVID presented any other challenges to you as a band?

Since we haven't been performing at live shows, staying connected to our audience has been a challenge but we found livestreaming to be a good way to interact with our fans during these times.

And in terms of playing live, bands have tried a number of things over the last year to reach out to their audience - livestreams, podcasts etc? Did you try any of these? How did it feel doing these and do you think bands will continue with livestreams, podcasts etc in addition to live gigs when we return to some sort of semblance of normality?

We started livestreaming very early on in the pandemic and it's been fun learning different ways to stream. I think we will continue to do livestreams.... we don't have a live show planned yet but hope we can perform live at some point this year. We have been guests on a few podcasts this past year and think podcasting will also continue to grow. Would you say there's a good rock / alternative scene in Arizona presently? Any bands from the State you'd particularly recommend to readers?

Phoenix has been a great city for independent and alternative artists like ourselves. We have a very supportive local music community as well as supportive venues, promoters and radio stations that help independent artists. It's always like one big party! Before the pandemic, there would be local shows happening every night! And finally, what plans for Jane 'N' The Jungle in 2021 and beyond?

We are excited to release a couple more songs this year and hope we can get into the studio again soon. We also hope we can return to touring and performing live!

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