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Indifferent Engine - 'Canis' EP Review

With their third EP of impassioned, intense post-hardcore, Cambridge band Indifferent Engine have once again produced a fine release of driving, abrasive, in places unsettling punk noise that those of you enthralled by At The Drive-In's appearance on Jools Holland way back when will thrill to. 'Canis' alternately soothes and pummels, right from Adam Paul's screamed intro to opening track 'Tachikoma', through three tracks of rolling rhythms - complete with impressive tempo changes - courtesy of bassist Alex Wheatley and drummer Alister Gibbons, tinkering, explosive guitarwork (Ellis Hale) and all topped off with Adam's dramatic, dynamic vocals that moves between visceral screams and pleading declamations. The three tracks - 'Tachikoma', 'Canis Est In Horto' and 'Keelhauled' provide a trio of noisy, abrasive, uncompromising tracks of excellent post-hardcore and the EP is rounded off by 'Oblivion Manifold', a delicate piano piece played over an ominous backdrop of electronic thrum and synthetic strings. It is, in its way, as intense as the three preceding tracks and proves that 'Canis' has bark and bite in equal measure.

Indifferent Engine are :- Adam Paul - Vocals, Guitar Ellis Hale - Vocals, Guitar Alex Wheatley - Bass, Synths Alister Gibbons - Drums

'Canis' is available from Bandcamp and all other major digital sites.

Follow Indifferent Engine at :- Facebook - IndifferentEngine Instagram - IndifferentEngine

Album artwork - Drawings - Brad Benford Composites - Mark Wilkie

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