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Hot Laundry Q&A

With their new EP 'Shake, Slide, Twist', San Francisco's Hot Laundry bring some much needed sass and swagger to proceedings in an intoxicating blend of blues, rock 'n' roll, garage rock and girl group vocals. Lead singer Janette kindly answered some questions for BBMATB on the new EP, livestreams and playing live and the SF sound today.

Hot Laundry are Janette Lopez (Lead Vocals), Ileath Bridges (Backing Vocals), Gena Serey (Backing Vocals), Grady Hord (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), Neil Young (Bass) and Thor DSR (Drums).

'Shake, Slide, Twist' is available on all the major digital sites and you can pick up the band's 2018 EP 'Voodoo Queen' from their bandcamp page -

Hi Guys, thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions. First off, for those readers who might not be familiar with Hot Laundry, could you give a short history of the band?

Hot Laundry formed in San Francisco in 2017. We had our first performance on October 28th, 2017 here in SF at an annual Halloween show. We went as an Ike and Tina Turner Revue and we did a mixture of originals and Ike and Tina classics. 2018 was our first real year of shows and recordings.

Who would you say were the main influences on Hot Laundry's sound?

MC5, Tina Turner, The Sonics, The Dirtbombs, The Hives, Sly and the Family Stone, Rolling Stones, Motown and Delta Boogie. You've recently released a new EP - 'Shake Slide Twist' - out on all the major digital sites. Do you have a sense of how it is doing so far in terms of feedback, radio airplay, streams etc?

The radio plays in Los Angeles, the UK, Australia, France, and beyond have been fantastic. We really want to thank the team at Golden Robot Records for their participation in getting out the good word. The music is out there and we are getting heard, it's very motivating. The reviews and feedback we’ve been getting have been so positive and encouraging! Reading how someone hears your music for the art it is, for the work that went into it, the emotion in the performance - that's what we are here for. We want to connect to people, to share, dance, to unite and have a good time.

How do you feel the EP differs from your 'Voodoo Queen' EP released a few years ago? Do you feel it is a step forward for you?

Yes, it really does. The songs are a step forward from the classic 12 bar rock n roll and garage structure that our roots are in, but still true to who we are: lovers of fuzzy guitars and dirty rock n roll.

Where did you record the EP? Somewhere you'd recorded before?

This was recorded at the beloved San Francisco institution, The Complex Recording Studio, in the heart of downtown SF. I (Janette) work with the owner, George S. Rosenthal, doing large music events like Burger Boogaloo, and over the past year we’ve been hosting live social distance streaming for local musicians ( ). I am the Emcee and camera editor, and Grady helps with booking. George was our sound engineer and producer for this EP. WE LOVE GEORGE! Any plans to record a full length album at some point in the future?

Yes! and it is in the works. Look for it this year. We are scheduled to release the first single in early summer. I am most excited for the album cover we are working on. Do you have a favourite track from the EP and why?

It's all good. 'Satisfied' speaks to my work pain. 'Shake' speaks to my drive. 'Glitter n Gold' reflects my love for people and good times. 'What Would I Do' - That is a great way to express self love and appreciation....and each song makes you wanna dance!

With things beginning to open up a little, do you have any live shows planned?

OH Yeah! We have already started with outdoor events and streaming. We didn't slow down during quarantine, we adjusted. Apart from obviously not being able to play live, has COVID presented any other challenges to you as a band?

Damn Covid, we had to cancel our tour to Japan that we had planned for last Halloween. Our very last show before lockdown was on Friday March 13, 2020. And in terms of playing live, bands have tried a number of things over the last year to reach out to their audience - livestreams, podcasts etc. Did you try any of these? How did it feel doing these and do you think bands will continue with livestreams, podcasts etc, in addition to live gigs when we return to some sort of semblance of normality?

Yes we did some live streams. And we are doing more streams. It was an interesting change from the normal live show. Now we are booking both Live and streaming events. I don't see why streaming and live events can't cohabitate. We have the means to reach anyone, why not?! Connecting with others is another bonus to music. Let's keep doing that. San Francisco is synonymous particularly with the late 60s hippy / psychedelic scene - is there still a bit of a vibe from that period around in the city today?

The vibe is still here. This town was built on many things, that is one of them. And would you say there's a good alternative music scene in San Francisco currently? Any bands from SF you'd particularly recommend to readers?

SF and the Bay Area is home of some of the biggest rock and punk legends, and they are still going. Jello Biafra is active in our music scene. Our friend Marcus Ribak is the creator of Total Trash Productions. Every year Total Trash Productions puts on one of the greatest music festivals in the world, the Burger Boogaloo hosted by John Waters. We are home of the California Go Sound... courtesy of The Mummies. Some of our favorite locals are Rock n Roll Adventure Kids, The Boars, Whateverglades, Jonny Manak and The Depressives, FlexxBronco and so many more. And finally, what plans for Hot Laundry in 2021 and beyond?

Get it on and have a good time.

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